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Unwrap Retail Insights with our 2023 Holiday Preview Guide

As we head into the holiday season, our 2023 Holiday Preview Guide reveals three prevailing holiday attitudes towards value and how to think differently this holiday season.

Unwrap Retail Insights with our 2023 Holiday Preview Guide

Dive into the future of retail with our comprehensive Holiday 2023 Retail Insights Report. In a world where consumer sentiments are ever evolving, deciphering their desires becomes an intricate puzzle. As the U.S. embraces a return to realism, this year's holiday season promises to be both robust and resilient, poised for a steady growth of +4.5%.

Amidst the shifting landscape, a renewed holiday spirit is set to take center stage. Consumers are seeking more than just products; they crave experiences that resonate with authenticity and emotional connection. Our in-depth analysis, a result of collaborative efforts between the Insights & Connections team and Maru's cutting-edge research, uncovers three prevailing holiday attitudes towards value.

Noteworthy in this year's report is the dynamic shift in media behavior. The festive season will witness a surge in energized media consumption, unveiling fresh avenues for retailers to engage with their audience. Social media, streaming platforms, and interactive campaigns will play a pivotal role in capturing the consumer's imagination.

Curious about the changing dynamics of consumer values this holiday season? More of that inside our insights report.