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Assembly appoints Zoya Shahid as Head of User Experience and Integration, MENA

Shahid’s new role signifies a strategic move by Assembly to enhance its offerings. She will spearhead the creation of user experiences and integrations that are measurable, cost-effective and tailored.

Assembly appoints Zoya Shahid as Head of User Experience and Integration, MENA

Leveraging partnerships with over 200 world-class collaborators, she will ensure that the agency’s solutions remain at the forefront of innovation and effectiveness.

Over the past 7 years, she has built her career leading user experience, analytics, and insights initiatives at leading organisations such as WPP, KFC, Khaadi, Nielsen, and Ipsos, offering consultations for brands like L’oreal, Unilever, Jaguar, Google, Coca Cola, and more.

She has extensive experience at the intersection of digital marketing, eCommerce, analytics, user experience, and consumer insights. She has a track record of helping businesses from all sectors achieve triple-digit growth by improving their tech, AI and user experience capabilities.

Faisal Dean – CEO, MENA at Assembly, said: “Assembly’s strong presence and tremendous growth are the results of our unwavering vision to strategically bring the best in data, talent, and technology to businesses looking to grow in the MENA region. Zoya’s elevation to Head of User Experience and Integration is an immense step leading Assembly to success and well-deserved recognition in the UX/UI space in the region.”

With Shahid at the lead, the UX/UI team is dedicated to crafting design-centric websites, apps, and user experiences fuelled by design thinking principles to drive double-digit growth for brands.

She will also oversee the region’s CRM, CRO, and Tech integrations portfolio, ensuring that user interactions are effectively captured, translated into actionable insights, and leveraged through tailored AI and tech solutions for each business.

Zoya Shahid,  Head of User Experience and Integration, said: “It is a very exciting time for us at Assembly. The MENA region is learning that when it comes to User Experience and Tech stacks, one size doesn’t fit all, but regardless of the size of your business and budgets, we are confident that we can find you a solution that brings your vision to life.

“Assembly is a data powerhouse, and everything we do at Assembly is to make businesses’ and users’ lives better and easier. It is an absolute pleasure to be given a portfolio that allows my team and I to create the best-in-class user experience and integration setup in the MENA region. In true Assembly spirit, this is just the start of our journey to make this region a leader in user excellence and exponential business growth using data, tech, and AI.”

This is also a step towards evolving the region’s first design thinking excellence centre in Assembly, which can work right from brand archetypes to user experience audits to end-to-end UX/UI deployment.

This model is showing brand growth across multiple leading brands like Al Futtaim Automotive, Binghatti, Virgin Mobile, Sony ME, Sobha, and more.